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Augenbrauentrends - von ultra dünn bis fluffig

Eyebrow trends - from ultra thin to fluffy

Eyebrows are the icing on the cake that can define your features and change your entire look. Today, we're diving into the wonderful world of eyebrow trends - from ultra thin to fluffy. You've probably heard a lot about eyebrows: bleached brows, laminated brows, skinny brows, gel brows, boy brows and and and ... There are a lot of eyebrow trends and in this post we want to show you which trends are currently in and how you can experiment with different styles.

Current eyebrow trends for 2023

Ultra thin eyebrows: The classic look is making a comeback

Ultra-thin eyebrows have made it back to the list of top trends after more than two decades. Once the trademark of supermodels like Kate Moss and actresses like Drew Barrymore, these precisely shaped, narrow stripes are making a comeback in the beauty world. Although they require careful grooming and shaping, ultra thin eyebrows add a sophisticated elegance to your face and make your eyes stand out.

If you also want to shape ultra-thin eyebrows without plucking your brows completely, you can simply brush your eyebrow hairs to the side. Instead of brushing the fine hairs upwards, take an eyelash brush and brush them in the direction of growth so that the shape appears narrow. Additionally, you can then use a concealer to lighten the lower contour of your eyebrows.

Fluffy eyebrows: A natural and modern style

In contrast to the ultra-thin brows are the fluffy eyebrows, which are loved for their naturalness and lightness. These thick, bushy eyebrows are soft and inviting, and they bring a playful and youthful touch to your look. This trend is especially popular thanks to its simplicity and ability to add contour and definition to any face.

What's special about fluffy brows is that they look fuller and thicker. You can easily achieve this effect by combing your natural eyebrows upwards with an eyelash brush. With a transparent eyebrow gel like our Brow Gel you can then fix the brows so that they retain their natural contour. You can also use our Brow Lift Kit to fix your eyebrows in the desired position for several weeks - the perfect product for fluffy brows!

Sixties Brows: Noble style for modern days

The soft and shaping eyebrow style of the sixties is also experiencing a remarkable revival. Sixties brows are known for their strong sweep. The accentuated arch and the pronounced curve optimally highlight the eyes and create additional space for eye-catching eye make-up.

With the right eyebrow pencil, you can easily imitate this eyebrow look. Here, the focus is on always highlighting the arch. Apply some highlighter or liquid concealer to the lower edge of your eyebrows. Alternatively, you can also use light eye shadow to emphasize the arch.

A look into the past: notable eyebrow trends

Over the years, eyebrow trends have changed a lot. In the 90s, ultra thin eyebrows were the norm. In the new millennium, thicker and more natural-looking eyebrows gained popularity. And in the 2010s, we saw a trend towards defined and filled eyebrows. Each of these trends had its own aesthetic and charm, and in its own way shaped the beauty image of its time.

A look at the past: notable eyebrow trends.

The way we shape and maintain our eyebrows has changed drastically over time. Eyebrow trends were, and still are, a reflection of the fashionable zeitgeist.


In the roaring twenties, the era of jazz and flapper girls, thin and heavily drawn eyebrows were in demand. Thinned eyebrows conveyed an aura of drama and extravagance that was characteristic of the era. The 30s and 40s continued this trend, but with a softer, rounder shape and a higher arch that emphasized femininity.

50s and 60s

The '50s and '60s saw a real shift as the thicker, natural eyebrow à la Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren took over the beauty industry. These women represented a new kind of femininity - strong, confident and independent. Their fuller, but well-groomed and beautifully shaped eyebrows became the hallmark of beauty at the time.

70s and 90s

In the 70s, the natural look dominated. Women grew their eyebrows and minimized plucking to achieve a fuller look. However, the trend of bushy brows didn't last long. In the 80s and 90s, extremely thin eyebrows suddenly came back into fashion. Celebrities like Pamela Anderson and Gwen Stefani became icons of this era with their highly defined, thin eyebrows.


The 2000s brought a mix of thin lines and thick eyebrows, with celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie paving the way. In the 2010s, the trend for thicker, fuller eyebrows continued, led by stars like Cara Delevingne.

Today, we are witnessing a renaissance of different eyebrow styles. From ultra-thin to fluffy, the world of eyebrows is more diverse and exciting than ever. These remarkable eyebrow trends represent not only different aesthetic preferences, but also the changing role and self-image of women in society.

Nowadays, we have the freedom to choose from a variety of trends and select an eyebrow style that allows us to best reflect our personality. The beauty industry offers a variety of products to achieve different looks - from precise eyebrow pencils to nourishing serums that support growth.

Healthy Eyebrows: Tips for care and maintenance

Healthy eyebrows are the key to a successful look. A balanced diet and a good grooming routine can help keep your brows strong and healthy. Look for eyebrow products that contain vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and biotin to promote growth. Special serums and gels like our Lash & Brow Booster have a supporting effect and make brows look fuller and healthier.

At fleeky, we have the perfect product for every eyebrow style. For thin brows we recommend our Brow Micropen which allows you to draw precise lines. For a fluffy look, our fleeky Brow Gel is the ideal product. It ensures that your brows look flawless all day long. If you want to emphasize the natural shape of your brows and pluck or trim a few hairs, you can do this with our Brow Tools do this.

Whether you opt for fluffy or very thin brows, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your look. Experiment with different styles, find out what suits you, and don't forget to take good care of your brows. At fleeky you'll always find the right products to help you on your beauty adventures

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