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Beautydisaster and how to fix them – Drei Tricks die du unbedingt kennen musst!

Beautydisaster and how to fix them - Three tricks you must know!

Everyone talks about Bad Hair Day, but what about all the other beauty mishaps? A torn nail or plucked eyebrows - we present you three SOS tricks for your worst case scenario.

Whether it's creams, sprays or wipes - self-tanning is always a tricky business and it's not uncommon for a self-tanning experiment to end in total fiasco. But don't panic! If instead of the desired tan you now shine in orange shades or have stripes, a simple peeling can remedy the situation. Simply mix coarse sea salt with a few squirts of lemon and apply gently in circular motions. The citric acid supports your manual exfoliation and, together with the sea salt, removes some of the discolored skin flakes. The worst is over and your skintone is saved. Apply a rich body lotion (not self-tanning 😉 ) to regenerate your skin after the peeling.

Brows - If you're not careful, you'll have plucked too many hairs. This can look pretty ******* under certain circumstances. But here too, keep calm. You don't have to cut a fringe to hide the plucked eyebrows. Dye your eyebrows and fill in the "bald" areas with eyebrow color. You will be thrilled! It's important that you choose a color that not only tints the hairs, but also the skin underneath. With our fleeky Browhenna kit, you'll quickly make your plucked fall disappear and score points with perfectly defined eyebrows on fleek.

Natural, long fingernails. 💅🏻 You've finally reached your desired length, but at the same time one of your nails tears? No need to cut all your nails again - you can fix that! Grab a tissue, separate the layers from each other so that you only have one pulp layer and cut it to fit. Apply a thin layer of clear nail polish to the cracked nail and place the thin tissue on top of it so that it covers the entire nail. Allow to dry briefly and seal with a colored top coat. So quickly and easily you conjure away the crack and strengthen your nail at the same time.

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