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Dark Season - So meisterst du sie ohne spröde Lippen!

Dark Season - How to master it without chapped lips!

Cracked corners of the mouth, flaky skin and dry hair. The annual horror as soon as the dark season begins. Fleeky shows you Lovelies how to counteract the madness and what to do when your skin does flake. With our tricks you can really enjoy autumn and winter. One thing you can't do without is the right lip balm to prevent dry lips. The keyword here really is prevent. If ́s then but so far and the corners of the mouth tear, there are also a few tricks to get the lips quickly beautiful and above all healthy again. First of all, it is important that you dab your mouth with a clean cloth after eating, because acidic and spicy foods are one of the main reasons why your lips do not want to heal. Ideally, you should then use products containing panthenol or lemon balm extract. You can get both in the pharmacy and you will quickly be able to enjoy beautiful lips again. With the dry heating air in winter, dry hair is not long in coming. If you have not yet decided on a leave-in treatment for your hair, then it is definitely worth considering now to score with great soft hair in the winter.

This also works wonderfully with thin hair. For a long time now, leave in conditioners are no longer heavy curl creams, but are also available as a light spray. To protect your face from drying out, avoid soap. Soapy lotions dry out your face and if you tend to have dry flaky skin on your face anyway, it's a good idea to switch to a gentle cleanser, at least during the colder months.

It can also help to cleanse your face thoroughly only in the evening and apply a nutrient-rich cream. In the morning, you can confidently do without washing your face. The protective film of your care the night before lies like a lamination on your skin and protects your skin barrier from dryness and cold. You can also laminate your brows wonderfully. But of course, only after you've given them a really nice shape. With fleeky's Browlift Kit you can bring your brows into top shape and get a result that lasts up to 6 weeks.

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