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False Lashes, Right Decision - Warum du mit falschen Wimpern immer richtig liegst.

False Lashes, Right Decision - Why you're always right with false eyelashes.

Attached lashes conjure up a very special eye look and thus provide that certain something extra. From Cute to Drama Baby - we show you the right lashes for your look.✨

If you go for naturalness, it's best to go for light lashes with fine hairs. In combination with an eyelash glue that dries transparent, no one will suspect that you are wearing artificial eyelashes, but will simply be enchanted by your eyes.

You're planning a dramatic entrance and want to blow everyone away with your looks? nothing easier than that! Longer, thicker, denser. The choice of fake lashes is almost limitless and you alone decide how intense your eye makeup will be. Black lash bands on a dark ditty will enhance your expression and make you look irresistible. You are on the safe side if you additionally draw a beautiful eyeliner wing.

It doesn't always have to be glue. Meanwhile, there are many ways to place False Lashes safely on your eye. Magnetic eyeliners and lashes give your make-up the final touch and you can be sure that Fleeky is also waiting for you with a surprise that will attract everyone's attention. 😉

Our recommendation for the Natural Look:

Magic Lashes Honey, Magic Lashes Love, Magic Lashes Dear.

Our recommendation for a more striking look:

Magic Lashes Babe, Magic Lashes Sweety, Magic Lashes Classy.

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