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Let that shit go - So trennst du dich von alten Dingen.

Let that shit go - How to get rid of old things.

Let that shit go - How to get rid of old things.

The closet is bursting at the seams, there's more than one junk drawer
and let's not even talk about the storage room? Then it's time to clean out. With Fleeky, you can get rid of old things and make room for new ones. Make a plan We've been headless long enough, because it's not for nothing that we've been hoarding unnecessary stuff at home. So now it's time for a plan, a system or a list - call it how you want - the main thing is that all the areas you've been shirking lately find themselves high on your list. Your closet is barely closing and that's even though a lot of your clothes are lying around wildly in your apartment anyway? Congratulations! You've found item one on your to-do list and we're willing to bet that items two and three are also quickly exposed; basement, offside, the drawers under the bed? Whatever you've turned into a junk room, write ́s down and then get to it! Now it's time to clean out A resolution that works wonderfully: If you find things like clothes and decor that you haven't held in your hand for more than half a year, those things can go. If you didn't need it in the past, why need it in the future? Gone doesn't mean thrown away, by the way. About clothes that you can no longer use, certainly other people are happy. So try to sell old things via Second Hand or simply donate them.

Do I really need it? Put your hand on your heart - how many shampoos and conditioners do you really need in your bathroom? And your cosmetics cabinet would definitely appreciate a breath of fresh air. So get rid of everything you no longer use. Regular sorting out is a must, especially in your beauty department, because cosmetics also have a best-before date and once this has expired, the benefits are guaranteed to be counterproductive. Space for the basics Opening the cupboards without everything falling out - priceless! Now that you've cleaned out and parted with old stuff, you can finally get your head around the basics. Your cosmetics cabinet is thinned out and you can find your favorite products with just a glance. Favorite peeling, cream, check. Shaver, whoops? Were we a little over-motivated when we cleaned out? Not at all. Just take the opportunity and part with the wet shave. From now on, wax for silky smooth skin and where your razor used to be, there's now room for our Fleeky WAX KIT HEATER. Say goodbye one last time - to shaving pimples and stubble.

With the WAX KIT HEATER from Fleeky you can enjoy silky smooth skin for up to 6 weeks and achieve a professional finish at home.

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