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Wimpernlifting Do's & Dont's

Eyelash Lifting Do's & Dont's

Eyelash lift: the most common mistakes and how to avoid them

Tired of wearing artificial or false eyelashes and want to give your lashes a natural "up"? Now if you've ever tried an eyelash lift but it didn't work (that well), we want to help you out in this post. We're going to go over the five mistakes most people make when getting an eyelash lift. After all, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to make sure your eyelash lift gives you radiant and full lashes.

Mistake 1: Using the wrong silicone pads

The first mistake actually occurs even before the lift itself. Namely, the choice of silicone pads has an impact on the final result. At fleeky, we provide you with three different sizes: Size S is for a strong lift or short lashes, size M is for a medium lift or normal lashes and size L is for a very light lift or longer lashes. Pick the right pads according to your desired result and length of your lashes.

The silicone pad should definitely fit the entire width of the eyelid and the outer lashes should also find a place on the pad. To align the silicone pad perfectly with your eye, you can cut it at both ends. This way you can guarantee that the pad is the right length and that there is no resistance when applying the pads.

Mistake 2: The lifting glue does not hold

If the lifting adhesive doesn't hold properly, you may not have cleaned the eye area properly. If there is still residue from oily products on your lashes, this will affect the adhesive performance. It is also a good idea to clean your lashes and eye area with a Cleanser before applying the silicone pad. A cleanser cleans intensely and allows you to properly apply the silicone pad so that it holds and you can comb your lashes over it.

In addition to poor pre-cleaning, the lifting adhesive may not hold well because your lashes are not completely dry. Therefore, make sure to dry your lashes completely. You can also use a hair dryer for this. But be careful: set the lowest temperature and keep the hair dryer far away from your face, so that only the gentle airflow dries your lashes.

A third reason why the lifting glue doesn't hold decently can be that your silicone pads weren't cleaned properly. Therefore, always make sure that the pads are clean. Always clean them with hot water for this purpose. Also, the resistance of the pads may be too great if you don't cut them. This will cause the pad to come off again due to the back pressure. So make sure the pad is perfectly fitted to your eyelid.

Too much lifting glue used

Another mistake, which also affects the glue included, is if you apply too much lifting glue when fixing the lashes. This will cause you to "seal" the lashes and thus the other two lotions will not be able to penetrate through to the lashes. Apply enough so that the lashes hold well but avoid too much glue.

Mistake 3: Application times not followed correctly

It is very important that you follow the exposure times of the lotions, because the chemical processes need exactly the time that is written on the sachets to unfold their effect. If you take the lotions off earlier, it's very likely that they won't be able to work properly and your lashes won't be shaped properly.

Mistake 4: The lashes start to curl.

If instead of curved lashes you get curled lashes, you need to change something during the lift in this case as well. To avoid curled lashes, your natural lashes must lie very smoothly on the pad from the base. This is because the lashes retain the shape in which they were fixed on the silicone pad.

Likewise, curling can be caused by either applying too much of the lotions to your lashes, or the lotions have been on your lashes too long. The lotions - both lotion 1 and lotion 2 - must not be applied to the tips of the lashes, this is very important. Your eyelashes may curl in this case as well otherwise.

Mistake 5: Eyelashes are not in the desired position

Your upper lashes are somehow arranged strangely after the lift or stand in different directions? If the lashes look chaotic, next time you need to make sure to place the lashes well on the silicone pad. Make sure that the lashes do not cross over each other and that they are all separate from each other on the silicone pad.

In our video we show you again exactly how an eyelash lift works and which points you have to pay attention to in order to guarantee a perfect eye look. Also, read through our FAQ section to learn the best way to behave after an eyelash lift.

Give yourself a break from fake eyelashes and treat yourself to the fleeky eyelash lift for expressive eyes!

Eyelash Lift FAQs

What to look for in an eyelash lift?

What you should look for in an eyelash lift: Adhere to the recommended application times of the products, choose the appropriate silicone pads for the perfect curl, and make sure the lashes are aligned in parallel during the lift.

For best results, apply the enclosed adhesive so that it lies evenly on the lashes.

Why didn't eyelash lift work?

There are several factors that contribute to why eyelash lift didn't work. In any case, make sure to follow the application times, use the correct silicone pads, arrange the lashes correctly, and only apply a thin layer of adhesive.

What not to do after eyelash lift?

What not to do after an eyelash lift: if possible, avoid getting your lashes wet for at least 24 hours after the treatment. Also, refrain from applying cosmetic products immediately after the lift.

Additionally, to avoid further possible damage, protect your lashes from excessive sun exposure and avoid rubbing or pulling on your lashes.

Why do eyelashes curl after eyelash lift?

Curling of the eyelashes can be due to several factors: The lashes were not properly aligned on the silicone pad or the lotions were not able to properly penetrate to the lashes because too much lifting glue was applied. It is also possible that the various lotions were applied all the way to the tips of the lashes - this also promotes curling.

How long after eyelash lift do not wash face?

After an eyelash lift, you should not wash your face for at least 24 hours. Also avoid contact with creams or mascara. You should also not go to the swimming pool or sauna for the first 48 hours.

How to sleep after eyelash lift?

It is best to sleep on your back or side after an eyelash lift and avoid sleeping face down. This is important to ensure the durability of the lift.

How to remove makeup after eyelash lift?

After an eyelash lift, it is best to remove your makeup with an eye makeup remover that does not contain oil. Apply the remover to a cotton pad and gently dab off the makeup. Do not rub or pull your eyelashes.

Can eyelashes fall out from the eyelash lift?

In rare cases, it can actually happen that some eyelashes fall out after an eyelash lift. This happens in most cases when the lashes have never had contact with a cosmetic product and are not used to being styled.

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