Brow Soap How-To

For styled brows and optimal hold

Step 1

Get started

Moisten the brow brush with water or fixing spray.

Step 2

Take the soap

Use the brush to pick up the soap and make sure that enough soap adheres to the brush.

Step 3

Apply it

Brows first down and then fix in the desired shape and press.

Brow soap

Brow soap

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How do I moisten the Brow Soap?

To achieve the desired effect, you can moisten your brow brush with water or a setting spray and then apply the soap.

How do I achieve a strong hold?

As described in the application, we recommend that you first brush your eyebrows downwards and then upwards, in the desired direction. Try to apply enough pressure so that all hairs are fixed.

Can I use other brow products despite the application?

No problem! You can carry out your brow routine as usual. It's best to test whether you do it before or after application to get the result you want.