Brow henna

Our tutorials and DIY kits will turn you into a beauty expert who can dye their own eyebrows or give their friends the perfect brows. Become a pro with our steo-by-step instructions!

Before treatment, please perform a patch test. However, we cannot guarantee that a reaction can be excluded afterwards.

Video How-To

BROWHENNA – Do it yourself!

BROWHENNA – Do it to your friends!

Treatment Process

Browhenna - Step 1

Clean it! Cleaning eyebrows

Apply fleeky Brow Cleanser to the eyebrow area with a cotton swab, distribute it well and massage it in.

Tools Cotton swab, Brow Cleanser
Browhenna - Step 2

Mix it, baby!! Mix the Browhenna Color

  1. Use the pipette to mix hot water into a bowl to containing approx. 0.25g of fleeky Browhenna powder.
  2. Remove the fleeky Browhenna Color powder with the measuring spoon and add it to the hot water. Mix with the help of the fleeky Color Brush or a mini hand mixer (if available) until all the color pearls have dissolved in the water.

Important: Use the supplied Measuring Spoon to remove the powder.
The henna paste should have a liquid to slightly creamy consistency.

Tools Browhenna Sachet (Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown und Blonde), Pipette, Hot water, Mixing Bowl (no metal), Measuring spoon, Color Brush or mini hand mixer
Browhenna - Step 3

Tint the Brows! Apply color

  1. Apply the mixed fleeky Browhenna Color mixture to the eyebrows with the fleeky Color Brush.
  2. Shape exact contours.
  3. Make any corrections with a damp cotton swab.
  4. Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes.
  5. For the "ombre look", leave the fleeky Browhenna Color on the first quarter of the eyebrow shape for a maximum of 5-8 minutes (always depending on the total leave-in time).

Important: Apply the color directly to the skin - in the direction in which the eyebrows grow.
The fleeky Browhenna should be evenly distributed over the entire eyebrow shape.

Tools Color Brush, Moist cotton swab
Browhenna - Step 4

Take it off! Remove brow henna & condition

  1. Check the consistency of the applied fleeky Browhenna color: it should have almost formed a well-dried crust, and crumble slightly when removed.
  2. Remove the well-dried paint with the fleeky Brow Oil and a cotton pad.
  3. Then massage the fleeky Brow Oil into the areas that have been dyed.
Tools Cotton Pad, Brow Oil

Important fleeky tips for you

If this is your first experience with henna paint, leave it on for a slightly shorter time to check the color result and intensity first.

If the result is too light, add some more paint. This will intensify the color result. The following applies: First remove the dried color, then apply color again.

If the brows have become too dark, you can soften the color intensity with a direct peeling.

For the long-lasting result of your fleeky Browhenna: leave out your eyebrows when peeling the face, do not shower too hot in the first few days after the treatment and do not go to the sauna. If your facial care products contain ingredients such as vitamin C, retinol or many lipids, you should avoid the eyebrows.