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With our tutorials and DIY kits, you'll become a beauty expert who gets their own Browlift. Step-by-step instructions will turn you into a pro, and let you and treat yourself or your friends.

Brow Lift Kit

Brow Lift Kit


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Treatment Process

Browlift - Step 1

Clean it! Thoroughly Cleanse

Thoroughly clean the eyebrows with the Cleanser.

Important:: work against the direction of hair growth in order to clean the skin under the eyebrows.


Cleanser, Applicator

Browlift - Step 2

Stick to your brow like glue! Fix eyebrows

  1. Apply Browlift Glue generously to the eyebrows.
  2. Bring the eyebrows into the desired shape using the comb.
  3. Make sure that all hairs are lying flat, correcting where necessary. (see below)

Important: For a more natural result, do not fix the eyebrows too steeply towards the hairline. The position of the hairs can be corrected by reapplying the fleeky Browlift Glue and combing again.

Tools Lifting Tool, Lash Comb, Browlift Glue

Browlift - Step 3

Lift me up! With Step 1 Browlift Lotion

  1. Carefully apply the Step 1 Browlift Lotion to the brow hairs with the applicator. If possible, do it so that the lotion only comes into contact with the hairs, not with the skin.

Browlift - Step 3.2

  1. Cover your eyebrows with cling film to allow the lotion to soak in.
  2. After 8 minutes, thoroughly and carefully remove the Step 1 Browlift Lotion from the eyebrows with a DRY cotton pad without removing the Browlift Glue.
  3. If necessary, apply the Browlift Glue again to fix the brows in the desired shape.
Tools Lifting Tool, Step 1 Browlift Lotion, Cling film, Cotton pads

Browlift - Step 4

Lift me up part 2! With Step 2 Browlift Lotion

  1. Repeat the application process with the Step 2 Browlift Lotion using a NEW applicator.
  2. After allowing it to set for 8 minutes, remove the Step 2 Browlift Lotion with a dry cotton pad.
  3. Clean eyebrows with a damp cotton pad and remove the fleeky Browlift Glue.
  4. Comb out any glue residue with the lash brush.

Important: Use a new applicator for the Step 2 Lotion. If both lotions come into contact with one another, a premature chemical reaction will make them unusable.

Tools Lifting Tool, Lash Brush, Step 2 Browlift Lotion, Applicator, Cling film, Cotton pad damp & dry

Browlift - Step Extra

Color Boost! Color eyebrows

  1. Use the Color Brush to mix a pea-sized amount of tint with the same amount of Creme Oxidant in the Mixing Bowl, until it forms a creamy paste.
  2. Apply mixed color in shape. If necessary, correct color edges with a damp cotton swab.
  3. Let it set for 2 minutes, then remove the color with a damp cotton pad.
  4. Brush eyebrows thoroughly with the eyelash brush. Finished!
Tools Lash & Brow Tint, Oxidant Creme, Color Brush, Mixing Bowl, Moist cotton pad, Lash Brush


  • What exactly is a brow henna?
  • What does a brow henna treatment achieve?
  • How long will the results of the brow henna last?
  • How many times can you repeat brow henna?
  • What does a kit contain?
  • How many treatments are in a kit?
  • Can I use brow henna to dye my eyelashes?
  • What is the difference between classic eyebrow coloring and brow henna?
  • How many different color tones are there?
  • I have not used up the contents of the sachet. Can I use it again at a later date?
  • Are there products that I need for the treatment, which are not included in the kit?
  • How long does the treatment last?
  • What are the steps for the brow henna?
  • Is the treatment painful?
  • How safe is a Browhenna?
  • What must be considered after a brow henna treatment?
  • Do the eyebrows need special care after the brow henna?
  • Can I use brow henna during a pregnancy?
  • For whom is brow henna suitable?
  • If I've had a reaction to traditional dye, is brow henna a good option?
  • Browhenna is our vegan eyebrow color and the latest trend in the eyebrow world. The henna not only dyes the hair, but also the skin - this leads to an even more intense result. Through regular use, plucked eyebrows can be regenerated.

  • With the brow henna treatment, the eyebrow hairs and the skin underneath are colored into shape. The color powder is mixed with warm water. Then the dried paint is removed with the Brow Oil.

  • How long the Browhenna color lasts on the skin is in a small way dependent on the skin type. In general, the drier the skin, the longer the color will last. The color lasts up to 6 weeks on the brow hair and up to 2 weeks on the skin.

  • The brow henna treatment can be repeated at any time once the tint wears off.

  • Included in the Browhenna Kit:
    1 Cleanser for cleaning the eyebrows
    5 Browhenna Sachets / Blonde / Light Brown / Medium Brown / Dark Brown
    1 Brow Oil
    4 Lash Brushes
    1 Color Brush
    1 Measuring Spoon
    1 Mixing Bowl

  • A Browhenna Kit contains 4 different colors. 1 sachet contains approx. 4-5 treatments.

  • No. The color powder is only suitable for eyebrows.

  • With classic eyebrow coloring, only the brows are dyed, but very rarely the skin. With Browhenna, the skin is also colored for a longer result. And it's vegan and water-based.

  • The powder is available in 5 different colors: Blonde / Light Brown / Medium Brown / Dark Brown / Black.
    These colors can also be mixed together. Adding black or dark brown makes the colors more intense and therefore longer-lasting.

  • Yes, repackage the contents in the sachet, so they are airtight.

  • Cotton pads & cotton swabs.

  • The brow henna treatment takes about 20 minutes, depending on how intense you want your eyebrows to be.

  • Preparation
    - First, run a patch test. Despite the patch test, we cannot guarantee that a reaction will not occur.

    Step 1 - Clean the eyebrows
    Apply fleeky Brow Cleanser to the eyebrow area with the cotton swab / cotton pad, distribute it well and massage in.

    Step 2 - Mix the Browhenna color
    Use the pipette to fill hot water into a bowl with approximately 0.25 g of fleeky Browhenna Powder. Mix the selected Browhenna color with the water to form an even paste. The consistency should be liquid but not enough to run down from the eyebrows. Color that is mixed too thick cannot dry well and will affect the result.

    Step 3 - Apply color
    - Apply the mixed Browhenna color evenly on the eyebrows and directly on the skin (in the direction the eyebrows grow).
    - Make sure to form exact contours and, if necessary, make corrections with a damp cotton swab.
    - Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes

    Step 4 - Remove Browhenna & groom
    - Always check that it has dried well before removing the color. If the henna has not dried out because it was mixed too thickly, the result may not be visible. It is best to leave it on for 2-3 minutes longer.
    - For the "ombre look" leave your fleeky Browhenna color in the first quarter of the eyebrow for 5-8 minutes max (always depending on the total leave-in time).
    - Brush Brow Oil onto the dried color and remove with a cotton pad.
    - Massage the Brow Oil into the finished brows, "et voila!"

  • No. The Browhenna Treatment is by no means painful, it is a gentle tinting option.

  • If you've had a reaction to traditional eyebrow color before, the more likely you will also react to Browhenna. A patch test is recommended here. However, we cannot guarantee that a reaction afterwards can be ruled out.

  • To achieve a longer-lasting result with your fleeky Browhenna: leave out your eyebrows when peeling the face. Do not shower too warm during the first days following a treatment. And avoid going to the sauna. If your facial care products contain ingredients such as vitamin C, retinol or many lipids, you should avoid the eyebrows.

  • After the Browhenna treatment, you can care for the eyebrows with the Brow Oil.

  • There are no existing studies, which have ruled that brow henna color is safer than conventional brow color.

  • Anyone can wear eyebrows treated with brow henna, as long as the eyebrow area is healthy and there are no allergies.

  • It's more likely that you will react to brow henna too. A patch test is recommended here. However, we cannot guarantee that a reaction afterwards can be ruled out.