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With our tutorials and DIY kits, you'll become a beauty expert who gets their own Browlift. Step-by-step instructions will turn you into a pro, and let you and treat yourself or your friends.

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BROWLIFT – Do it yourself!

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Treatment Process

Browlift - Step 1

Clean it! Thoroughly Cleanse

Thoroughly clean the eyebrows with the Cleanser.

Important:: work against the direction of hair growth in order to clean the skin under the eyebrows.

Tools Cleanser, Applicator
Browlift - Step 2

Stick to your brow like glue! Fix eyebrows

  1. Apply Browlift Glue generously to the eyebrows.
  2. Bring the eyebrows into the desired shape using the comb.
  3. Make sure that all hairs are lying flat, correcting where necessary. (see below)

Important: For a more natural result, do not fix the eyebrows too steeply towards the hairline. The position of the hairs can be corrected by reapplying the fleeky Browlift Glue and combing again.

Tools Lifting Tool, Lash Comb, Browlift Glue
Browlift - Step 3

Lift me up! With Step 1 Browlift Lotion

Carefully apply the Step 1 Browlift Lotion to the brow hairs with the applicator. If possible, do it so that the lotion only comes into contact with the hairs, not with the skin.

Browlift - Step 3.2
  1. Cover your eyebrows with cling film to allow the lotion to soak in.
  2. After 8 minutes, thoroughly and carefully remove the Step 1 Browlift Lotion from the eyebrows with a DRY cotton pad without removing the Browlift Glue.
  3. If necessary, apply the Browlift Glue again to fix the brows in the desired shape.
Tools Lifting Tool, Step 1 Browlift Lotion, Cling film, Cotton pads
Browlift - Step 4

Lift me up part 2! With Step 2 Browlift Lotion

  1. Repeat the application process with the Step 2 Browlift Lotion using a NEW applicator.
  2. After allowing it to set for 8 minutes, remove the Step 2 Browlift Lotion with a dry cotton pad.
  3. Clean eyebrows with a damp cotton pad and remove the fleeky Browlift Glue.
  4. Comb out any glue residue with the lash brush.

Important: Use a new applicator for the Step 2 Lotion. If both lotions come into contact with one another, a premature chemical reaction will make them unusable.

Tools Lifting Tool, Lash Brush, Step 2 Browlift Lotion, Applicator, Cling film, Cotton pad damp & dry
Browlift - Step Extra

Color Boost! Color eyebrows

  1. Use the Color Brush to mix a pea-sized amount of tint with the same amount of Creme Oxidant in the Mixing Bowl, until it forms a creamy paste.
  2. Apply mixed color in shape. If necessary, correct color edges with a damp cotton swab.
  3. Let it set for 2 minutes, then remove the color with a damp cotton pad.
  4. Brush eyebrows thoroughly with the eyelash brush. Finished!
Tools Lash & Brow Tint, Oxidant Creme, Color Brush, Mixing Bowl, Moist cotton pad, Lash Brush