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Stimulates receptors to tighten the skin's appearance

Refines the pores & renews the cell structure

Reactivates dormant hair follicles

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Kostenlose Retoure

Using the innovative fleeky dermaroller with 540 tips promotes the absorption of active ingredients, reactivates sleeping hair follicles and refines your pores. The roller is used to massage in active ingredients, such as our masks, and should only be used twice a week. When using it, make sure that you disinfect the scooter beforehand.

Dermaroller Sale price€16,38 Regular price€18,20

540 microneedles with great effect

Change in cell structure

Pore ​​refinement is one of the visible benefits that the derma roller offers. The roller's tiny needles create microscopic channels in the skin. These channels not only serve to improve the absorption of skin care products, but they also stimulate the skin to regenerate its cellular structure. As the skin heals the tiny injuries, it produces increased amounts of collagen and elastin, the two crucial components for skin strength, elasticity and structure. This process can visibly refine pores over time as skin becomes more supple and firmer.

Why does the skin appear firmer?

Stimulating the receptors

There are numerous receptors in the skin that react to various stimuli and send signals to the brain. These receptors play an important role in regulating skin functions such as elasticity, collagen production and blood flow. The derma roller uses this concept to trigger targeted reactions in the skin and tighten the skin's appearance.

Time to get up!

Activate sleeping follicles

One of the dermaroller's most impressive potentials is its ability to reactivate hair follicles that are inactive or "sleeping." The roller's needles create tiny, controlled micro-injuries on the scalp. These injuries trigger a natural healing process that releases growth factors and increases blood flow to the scalp. This stimulation can encourage hair follicles that have been dormant to reactivate and promote new hair growth.

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