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Be Bad! - Was es mit dem Insta Baddie auf sich hat.

Be Bad! - What the Insta Baddie is all about.

Be Bad! - What the Insta Baddie is all about.

Styles Styles and more styles. We've only just found out what cutie style is all about, and the next trend is already on the horizon. Hardly anyone gets around the hashtags like #Baddieasthetik or #Baddiegirl and we also took a closer look at the hype. Confidence - An extra portion, please!

That ́s it - because the movement around the Insta-Baddie is far more than just looks. Okay, looks play a big role but the style is only really complete when the inner setting is right. Self-confident and self-determined is the motto. Not a bad approach, considering that there can't be enough impulses for female empowering. Self-confidence is already dripping out of every pore? Then scroll on to our style check. But if you're more of the insecure faction, let us tell you that an extra dose of self-confidence will look really good on you. You're up for an expressive look? Then go for it! A baddie knows what it wants and above all what it can do. A look that will surely make you grow. Style check - Baddie ́s in your sights Crop top in combination with a pair of skinny jeans and jogging suit with fresh sneakers are just a small
selection of the Baddie palette. Actually, everything is allowed, the main thing it is styled from head to toe. So don't forget your new clutch when you go out on the street in an oversized shirt and bike shorts. The fingernails are long and the eyelashes even longer. Add to that a well-fitting make-up, the brows on fleek and you're delivering self-love and confidence to the world on a silver platter. Be a Baddie - with fleeky!

We can deliver too! All the things you need for your Baddie look. Brows and Lashes on fleek are our absolute speciality, so get your long, thick lashes from our Magic Lashes range. As a future baddie, you won't put up with any more ́s in a hurry. So go ahead and raise an eyebrow
- of course only with the Browlift Kit from fleeky.

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