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Beauty Food - 3 Lebensmittel für schöne Haut

Beauty Food - 3 foods for beautiful skin

Beauty Food - 3 foods for beautiful skin.

Beauty comes from within - heard thousands of times, but how is that actually meant? Join Fleeky to learn about three beauty food ́s that will keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful. All About Supplements For a long time now, supplements have not just been in the fitness realm. We all want strong - healthy hair, strong fingernails and a glowing complexion. Exactly what beauty supplements promise us in the form of small pills and miracle powders. In fact, the little beauty helpers have their raison d'être, because they are all full of vitamins and nutrients that our body needs to develop its full beauty. But why do we spend our money on supplements when we can easily get the most important beauty nutrients through regular foods? With these three beauty food ́s you supply your body optimally and can confidently do without supplements. Pineapple is an all-rounder There is hardly any other fruit that provides as many benefits as pineapple. Used correctly, pineapple acts as a fruit acid peeling on the skin. The power fruit delivers significantly more pro ́s when eaten regularly, because thanks to the enzymes and the abundant vitamin C it purifies, drains and deacidifies our body. Harmful radicals age our skin - but the fruit also fights them. Beautiful Broccoli. For beauty from within, we can't go past broccoli, and if you think this vegetable is only for `mainly something green on your plate ́you're wrong.

Packed with vitamins B, C, E and A, broccoli is a true vitamin bomb and as if that were not enough, it also provides us with the active ingredient glucoraphanin. Glucoraphanin is the magic ingredient that keeps our skin elastic and, thanks to the formation of new collagen, gives it extra tone. Crisp carrot Crisp brown skin thanks to carrots? It works and we owe this effect to the substance carotene contained in carrots. Carotene is an excellent protection for our cells. If we take in too much of this substance, our body stores the excess carotene in our skin for a short time, which is why the previous tan deepens due to the orange-tinged carotene. Admittedly - It takes a little more than just carrots to get a Caribbean tan, but you don't actually have to fly to the Caribbean to get it. We reveal how ́s works ;) Crisp brown skin Best you put the möhrchen aside now and stop googling for cheap flights to the sun. Fleeky gives you a much easier, faster and more efficient way to get an exotic tan - Our Self Tan Mousse Coconut Water. That's right, self-tanning! Don't worry about an orangy or streaky result. We specially formulated our mousse so your finish stands ́s streak-free, like a pro. Get tanned - with fleeky ́s Self Tan Mousses.

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