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Augenbrauentrends - von ultra dünn bis fluffig

Eyebrow trends - from ultra thin to fluffy

Eyebrows are the icing on the cake that can define your features and change your entire look. Today, we're diving into the wonderful world of eyebrow trends - from ultra thin to fluffy. You've prob...

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Augenbrauen Stylen - Guide & Augenbrauen Trends

Eyebrow Styling - Guide & Eyebrow Trends

In this guide, you'll learn everything you need to know about styling your eyebrows. Learn how to find the ideal eyebrow shape for your face and discover different methods to enhance and maintain y...

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Wimpernlifting Do's & Dont's

Eyelash Lifting Do's & Dont's

Eyelash lift: the most common mistakes and how to avoid them Tired of wearing artificial or false eyelashes and want to give your lashes a natural "up"? Now if you've ever tried an eyelash lift but...

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Augenbrauenlaminierung vs. Microblading

Eyebrow lamination vs. microblading

Eyebrow lamination - the better alternative to microblading. Beauty care has many facets, because from skin care to make-up to the care of our eyebrows and eyelashes, there are several steps and ma...

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Augenbrauenlifting - Alles was du wissen solltest

Eyebrow lift - Everything you need to know

Everything you should know about an eyebrow lift Today we would like to turn our attention to a special eyebrow trend that is gaining more and more popularity - the eyebrow lift. A brow lift - also...

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Perfekte Augenbrauen

Perfect eyebrows

Why should I pluck my eyebrows anyway? Aesthetics: By plucking the eyebrows, you can achieve a beautiful shape and definition that makes the face more attractive overall. Hygiene: removing excess h...

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fleeky ice roller - dein neues skin care must have!

fleeky ice roller - your new skin care must have!

Have you heard about our new Summer Skin must have? Introducing: Our new Ice Roller! This ingenious tool takes your skincare to the next level and provides a refreshing experience you don't want to...

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Lashlift und Browlift - Was ist das eigentlich?

Lashlift and Browlift - What is it actually?

Lashlifts and browlifts are two popular beauty treatments that can enhance your natural features without the need for makeup or more invasive procedures. Here's what you should know about these tre...

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Plump Lips – Die Top Tricks für pralle Lippen

Plump Lips - The top tricks for plump lips

Whether full lips are really the symbol of femininity, remains to be seen. Sensual and above all fully trendy are plump lips in any case. We show you how to get a plump kissing mouth without inject...

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Let that shit go - So trennst du dich von alten Dingen.

Let that shit go - How to get rid of old things.

Let that shit go - How to get rid of old things.The closet is bursting at the seams, there's more than one junk drawerand let's not even talk about the storage room? Then it's time to clean out. Wi...

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Dark Circles - Tipps gegen Augenringe

Dark Circles - Tips against dark circles

What helps quickly against strong dark circles under the eyes? There are several methods to fight against pronounced dark circles and dark shadows under the eyes. First of all, it is of great impor...

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Beauty Food - 3 Lebensmittel für schöne Haut

Beauty Food - 3 foods for beautiful skin

Beauty Food - 3 foods for beautiful skin. Beauty comes from within - heard thousands of times, but how is that actually meant? Join Fleeky to learn about three beauty food ́s that will keep your sk...

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