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Save 10%Wax Kit HeaterWax Kit Heater
Wax Kit Heater Sale price€35,30 Regular price€39,23
Sold outSave 10%Wax Kit RollerWax Kit Roller
Wax Kit Roller Sale price€35,30 Regular price€39,23
Save 10%Wax Heater Refill SetWax Heater Refill Set
Wax Heater Refill Set Sale price€8,08 Regular price€8,98
Save 10%Tan DropsTan Drops
Tan Drops Sale price€27,13 Regular price€30,16(€90,43/100ml)
Save 10% Sheet MaskSheet Mask
Sheet Mask Sale priceFrom €8,99 Regular price€9,98
Save 10%Ice Cube scooterIce Cube scooter
Ice Cube scooter Sale price€16,25 Regular price€18,05
Save 10%DermarollerDermaroller
Dermaroller Sale price€16,25 Regular price€18,05
Sold outSave 10%Wax Roller Refill SetWax Roller Refill Set
Wax Roller Refill Set Sale price€13,52 Regular price€15,02
Save 10%Tan Glowing Face MistTan Glowing Face Mist
Tan Glowing Face Mist Sale price€22,60 Regular price€25,10(€226,00/l)
Sold outSave 10%Self Tan Bronzing MistSelf Tan Bronzing Mist
Self Tan Bronzing Mist Sale price€22,60 Regular price€25,10(€113,00/l)
Save 10%Kabuki Tan BrushKabuki Tan Brush
Kabuki Tan Brush Sale price€9,89 Regular price€10,99
Save 10%Soft touch Body Mitt
Soft touch Body Mitt Sale price€8,99 Regular price€9,98
Save 10%Self Tan MousseSelf Tan Mousse
Self Tan Mousse Sale price€27,13 Regular price€30,16(€135,65/l)
Save 10%Mini Face Mitt
Mini Face Mitt Sale price€6,26 Regular price€6,96
Save 10%Self Tan LotionSelf Tan Lotion
Self Tan Lotion Sale price€22,60 Regular price€25,10(€113,00/l)
Save 10%Gradual Tan MousseGradual Tan Mousse
Gradual Tan Mousse Sale price€27,13 Regular price€30,16(€135,65/l)
Save 10%Self Tan Mousse CoconutSelf Tan Mousse Coconut
Self Tan Mousse Coconut Sale price€31,67 Regular price€35,20(€158,35/l)
Save 10%Tan Eraser MousseTan Eraser Mousse
Tan Eraser Mousse Sale price€18,06 Regular price€20,06(€90,30/l)