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All night long - So hält dein Make-up die ganze Nacht!

All night long - This is how your make-up lasts all night!

Your eyelashes are hanging at half past seven, your lipstick is smeared and there's nothing left of your foundation? Let's hear it for this great party night and congratulations if the cab is already waiting for you in front of the location. But let's be honest - this is not how we want to leave the club. With a few tricks, your makeup will last long enough to stumble out of the club on fleek.

Did you know that your deodorant doesn't just work under your armpits?

Here's our top tip right at the start. After thoroughly cleansing your face, apply your roll-on deodorant or deodorant stick to your forehead and temples and let it dry thoroughly. Here you can also help with the hair dryer and dry the deodorant. If you sweat a lot on your face, you can use an antiperspirant. Here sweat has no chance, no matter how intense the night becomes. Only when the deodorant has dried, it's time for your primer.

Primers are available with a wide variety of benefits, such as for dry skin, for smaller pores, with UV protection, etc. But the most important thing about a good primer is that it gives your foundation a long, secure hold. This means that it is perfectly okay and even desirable that your primer feels a bit sticky after application. That way, your foundation has the grip it needs to perform long-term.

Different primers for different areas?

Yes, that makes sense! At least if your eyeshadow still settles in the crease despite your standard primer. Here, a primer specifically for the eyelid can work wonders. The same applies to your lips. Let's start by saying that if you thoroughly exfoliate your lips before applying makeup, your lipstick will last longer and the result will be more even. However, if you still have the feeling that the lipstick or lip gloss slips into the lip wrinkles after a short time, then we can also recommend a primer especially for the lips.

Setting spray or setting powder?

Whether you prefer to use setting spray or setting powder depends on your desired result. For a matte finish, you can use your powder and apply it with a large brush or a baking sponge with light pressure, dabbing it onto your makeup. If you prefer a bit of shine and like it glowy instead of matte, then a setting spray is a good way to fix it. This you spray, after you are done with the makeup, clockwise, thinly on your face and then let it dry well. That ́s it!

Professional tip for Magic Lashes

After you have applied your Magic Lashes from fleeky, wait briefly until the glue has dried and gently press your lashes and the false lashes together again with a clean eyelash curler. Now your lashes will also hold bombproof. You don't have Magic Lashes yet? Then it's high time you did. Get your Magic Lash Kit from fleeky now and be the eye-catcher in every club.

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