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Curly autumn - Deshalb passen Locken perfekt in den Herbst!

Curly autumn - That's why curls fit perfectly into autumn!

New Season - new hairstyle. Summer is over and slowly the cozy part of the year begins. Candles, thick blankets and warm tea - Simply everything screams Cozy. And what is more cozy than a cozy wool sweater and curly hair? From curl refresh to perm: fleeky shows you what's possible.

You have natural curls?

Depending on how stressed your hair is from the previous
summer sun or from your straightening iron, it ́s time for a little or big refresh. For the small refresh of the curls, it is enough to apply a rich cure to your hair after washing. Rinse out the conditioner after a short time and knead your favorite leave in into your hair. Here's the trick: by kneading, we really mean kneading! Work your Leave in Conditioner thoroughly section by section into your towel-dried hair and carefully knead the strands into shape, preferably overhead.

Now let your hair air dry and your curls will look fresher than they have in a long time. For a great refresh, grab another rich hair conditioner and comb it generously into your hair, preferably directly in the shower. Now trace the shape of your curls strand by strand with your fingers, making sure your hair stays nice and wet and warm. Tie the towel tightly around your head and wrap your pillow in a towel as well, because this treatment will stay overnight. The next morning, rinse your hair carefully with lukewarm water and continue with the leave in, just as you did with the small refresh. One thing you're sure of now is well-nourished curls - I promise.

Naturally straight hair?

We'll make ́s long story short: even in 2022, perms are absolutely on trend! Meanwhile, you can even choose whether you want the typical strong curl or just a light permanent wave for your hair. Just talk to the hairdresser you trust.

By the way, not only your hair, but also your eyelashes are happy about a new swing. Did you know that you can also permanently shape your lashes? Our fleeky Lashlift Kit is already waiting for you and gives you a permanent eyelash volume for a great eye look.

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