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Me Time – Wie du dir selbst Aufmerksamkeit schenkst

Me Time - How to pay attention to yourself

We find time for everything and everyone. For work, for our friends and even the family does not come too short. But what about ourselves? We could address the same kind words and advice that we give to our loved ones to ourselves, but we are -as so often- busy with other things. We have a few sweet little rituals for you, with which you give yourself, daily more attention.

First of all: You don't have to do anything. You don't have to write half a novel about your life night after night. But a few short lines about how your day was, are worth their weight in gold. Your day may have seemed so boring to you, but the fact is: Today you have achieved something and so that this is not forgotten, write ́s down. Realize that the daily grind is not a given and pat yourself on the back for having mastered it once again.

Self-care is so much more than just lighting a candle - But yes, that's exactly what it involves. It's not so much about the candle itself, but about ringing in your me-time by lighting it. A small ritual with a big effect. Whether in the evening while watching TV or during a bubble bath. Enjoy the scent and the candlelight, put on music you like and spend quality time with yourself.

What your perfect me-time looks like, only you know. Find out what brings you joy and consciously take time for it. How about a beauty evening again? Except for wine and chocolate you will find everything you need at fleeky. What would you like? An eyebrow lift or some color for your brows? You can choose from numerous At Home Kits and decide for yourself what you need so that you feel completely cared for and balanced.

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