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Butter and Body - Dein Guide für butterweiche, zarte Haut!

Butter and Body - Your guide to buttery, soft skin!

Super soft skin, all over body - that`s what we all want, right? We have a softskin routine for you that will blow you away after just one go. Compared to this, the all-knowing baby bum looks like barbed wire ;). Let ́s go!

The right order

Exfoliate first, then shave. Wondering why? There is a very simple explanation for this:

There are little ingrown hairs hiding underneath the dead skin you're exfoliating to remove. If you shave before you exfoliate, you may not catch a few of these little buggers because they don't rear up until after you exfoliate.

The right scrub

The perfect scrub for smooth and super soft skin absolutely doesn't have to be expensive. Quite the opposite. You can easily make it yourself and (spoiler alert!) you'll be blown away by the effect. Grab your coffee grounds from this morning and mix them with some baby oil and 2-3 tablespoons of glycerin. You can get glycerin at any drugstore and it makes your skin retain and bind water. Caffeine from coffee grounds tightens your skin and the effect of baby oil is surely known to all of us. After washing, gently exfoliate your body in circular motions and then rinse thoroughly so that the coffee grounds don't clog your razor later. Et voilà - did we promise too much or is your skin really softer than a baby's bottom now?

You know what this routine is also great for?

As a preparation for your Self Tanning treatment at home. With fleeky you will be crispy brown - even in winter! So start your beauty program with a full body peeling and get the ultimate even tan with our fleeky tanning series.


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