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Beauty treatments for @home

At fleeky, we believe that beauty should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, anytime. Life is complicated enough as it is; we want our beauty routine to be simple, fun, and affordable.

Our mission is to support you with high-quality, easy-to-use beauty treatments for at home that enhance your natural beauty – no matter what your definition of beauty is.

Our philosophy

“Empowering every human being to be their authentic selves, whether you're a natural beauty or a glam goddess.”

fleeky gives you the tools to express yourself freely and live your unique style. From DIY applications to carefully selected cosmetic products, we celebrate diversity and individuality. Discover your full potential with fleeky – shine like never before!


fleeky is the go-to brand for DIY and decorative beauty products

Our high-quality @home kits bring salon-worthy beauty treatments straight to your home. With our growing collection of high-quality decorative cosmetics, fleeky enables you to design your daily beauty rituals with confidence and style.



fleeky is available in our online shop as well as in the main beauty online shops in the German market. At the moment we are aiming to strengthen our presence in Europe and look forward to establishing fleeky in the UK and the USA in the future.


New markets

Founded in Germany, fleeky has quickly become a popular brand in the European German speaking regions.

With a strong presence in the Netherlands and the Scandinavian countries, our brand is on its way to bringing fleeky to every corner of Europe.


Vision & Foundation

fleeky was founded during Corona, as beauty salons had to close and everyone was longing for their beauty treatments. So the idea was born, to use our many years of experience in the beauty market, with a chain of beauty salons and a B2B brand for beauticians and studios, and thus create the B2C brand for simple DIY @home treatments.


Our first steps towards beauty excellence

With our B2B brand Augenmanufaktur, we began developing our own products and formulations. The expertise we gained there, combined with everything that came before, laid the foundation for everything we built with fleeky.


The beginning of our journey

It all started with the opening of the Adam&Eve beauty salons in Hamburg, which specialized in eyelash and eyebrow lamination. Over time, they became an integral part of the city with now 8 branches.

"With my years of experience in the professional beauty industry, I wanted to develop products that are safe and easy to use – no prior knowledge needed. That's how fleeky was born, to effortlessly enhance your natural beauty."

Filiz Christoph-Atas, fleeky founder

Our Community

Our greatest inspiration – confident, individual people who value a simple beauty routine and who want to unfold their natural beauty, day after day.

You are unique!

Our team

With our constantly growing team, we work in the south of Hamburg on the further development of fleeky – always focussing on how we can best meet the needs of our community and make beauty treatments even easier and better.

Lashlift Behandlung Live
Lashlift Behandlung Live

Work with us

Why is it so nice to work at fleeky

We believe that everyone should feel good about what they do. We accept people as they are and want to support them in developing freely. In doing so, we need to take individual needs into account and create space for creativity. Because fun and passion at work are the key to good results.