Best friend - Three ideas how to spread joy to your best friend

Every Blondie Needs a Brownie - or what was that?

Of course you love your best friend regardless of her hair color. You love her for all the nonsense you experience together, for being there for you even at ungodly hours and of course for her unbeatable character.

Your friendship isn't tied to material things, yet sometimes a little attention is the best way to say "glad you exist". We at fleeky tell you how to make your bestie's day. Write.

The times of WhatsApp and Co are fast-moving and all the more small handwritten messages gain in importance. How about if your best friend doesn't pull the latest shopping bill out of the mailbox tonight, but a sweet postcard saying how great she is. Promise - you'll have sweetened up this end of the day for her, guaranteed.

"One deferred caffè to go, please." You've probably had a few more of those. You're meeting for a caffè and once again, something comes up. If your best friend works not too far from you, why not bring her a coffee to go during your lunch break? There is hardly anything better than knowing that someone is thinking about you.

You've probably heard this before: small gifts keep friendships alive. That's right. You can put so much love into the packaging alone. Beautiful wrapping paper, a pretty ribbon and a sweet bow on top - your better half will definitely appreciate that. Gifting doesn't have to be expensive either, after all, it's all about giving your best friend a little treat. She is just as beauty affine as you? Great! Then we have the perfect gift idea for you. Our fleeky Brow Set is a sweet gift that defines not only your friendship, but also your eyebrows (assuming she shares with you 😉).

The fleeky Brow Set is the perfect size for a little gift-giving, and thanks to the flat, square outer box, it makes wrapping really easy for you. You and your best friend - Together you are simply on fleek. Best friend - Three ideas how to make your best friend happy.

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