Questions and answers about the Lashlift

  • What exactly is a Lashlift?
  • What does a Lashlift do?
  • How long does a Lashlift last?
  • How often can you repeat the Lashlift?
  • What does a kit contain?
  • How many treatments are in a kit?
  • What is the difference between lash lifting and eyelash perms?
  • Do my eyelashes look the same after a lash lift as they do with an eyelash extension?
  • I haven't used up the sachet. Can I use it again at a later date?
  • Are there products that I need for the treatment, which are not included in the kit?
  • How long does the treatment take?
  • What are the steps for Lashlifting?
  • Is the treatment painful?
  • How safe is a lash lift?
  • What cautions should be taken after the lash lift?
  • Do the eyelashes need special care after a lash lift?
  • Can I use mascara despite the lash lift?
  • Why can't I use waterproof mascara after my lash lift?
  • Can I go swimming with the lash lift?
  • Is the lash lift suitable for very short eyelashes?
  • Can I do the lash lift while pregnant?
  • I have very straight eyelashes, is the lash lift right for me?
  • Who is a lash lift not suitable for?
  • The Lashlift is a natural alternative to artificial lashes, which provides twice as long and twice as thick eyelashes and gives them a breathtaking curl. Using Silicone Pads, your eyelashes are gently extended and shaped - for a lift effect that instantly creates the perfect look. You can enjoy the result for up to 8 weeks without having to use your eyelash curler.

  • With the Lashlift, you give your eyelashes more volume, density and curl in a simple and pain-free process. In the first phase, the keratin structure of the hair is broken, becomes stretchable and optically elongated. In the second phase, the eyelashes are fixed onto silicone pads, treated with volume preparations and brought into the desired shape. The treatment is completely painless. For even more expressiveness and a more dramatic look, your lashes can be tinted after the Lashlift with the Tint Kit from fleeky. The right care is provided, for example, by fleeky Lash and Brow Booster.

  • A Lashlift lasts for about 6-8 weeks. However, the effect diminishes over time, depending on the growth of the eyelashes. The eyelash hairs return to their original shape very naturally, slowly and healthily.

  • The Lashlift is gentle on your eyelashes and can therefore be repeated at any time. Ideally, as soon as the effect has subsided, meaning usually 6-8 weeks later.

  • Included in the Lashlift Kit:
    1 Cleanser to clean the eyelashes
    5 double chamber sachets with the Step 1 & 2 Lashlift Lotion
    1 Lashlift Glue to fix the Silicone Pads and eyelashes
    1 box of Silicone Pads in sizes S, M and L
    10 Applicators
    5 Lash Brushes
    2 Lash Combs
    1 Lifting Tool

  • You can use the kit for 5 individual applications, or you can even double the treatments if you share the One Shot Lashlift Sachets with your loved ones.

  • The difference between lash lifting and eyelash perms is that your eyelashes look much longer after the Lashlift treatment. With the eyelash perm, instead of silicone pads, your eyelashes are fixed onto rollers and curled. Using the silicone pad as a shaping agent creates the “lift effect” and the eyelashes look significantly longer than with an eyelash perm.

    In a nutshell, the eyelashes are stretched with the lashlift, and curled with the eyelash perm.

  • An eyelash extension and a lash lift are two different treatments. You do not get any additional eyelashes glued on with a lash lift.
    Your own, natural eyelashes are lifted directly on the lash line and appear thicker and longer. Visually, a Lashlift can compete with an eyelash extension, depending on the condition of your own eyelashes.

  • The sachets need to be filled with a certain amount, so there will always be something left, unless you do the treatment with two or even three people.

    Please make sure that you use up the content of the sachets within one day of opening them.

  • We recommend the Lash & Brow Tint Kit for tinting your eyelashes. You will also need cotton pads and cotton swabs.

  • The Lashlift treatment takes about 30-60 minutes. It depends on whether both eyes are treated at the same time or one after the other. The more often you do the treatment, the faster and more confident you will become with it. It may take a little longer at first.

  • Step 1 - Thoroughly cleanse eyelashes
    Coat the eyelashes thoroughly with the Cleanser and Applicator, and then remove them with a damp cotton pad.

    Step 2 - Apply Silicone Pads
    - Select Silicone Pad size: S for a strong effect, or short lashes, M for medium effect, or normal lashes, L for light effect, or very long lashes.
    - Apply Lashlift Glue to the back of the Silicone Pad and let it dry briefly. Attach the Silicone Pad directly to the eyelid, as close as possible to the lash line. Only attach the silicone pad to the movable lid at a distance from the inner corner of the eye. The inside of the silicone pad can be shortened for smaller eyes.
    - Press the Silicone Pad onto the eye until it is firmly in place.

    Step 3 - Fix the eyelashes
    - Put Lashlift Glue on the Silicone Pad and let it dry briefly.
    - Press the eyelashes against the Silicone Pad with the flat side of the Lifting Tool.
    - With the comb side of the Lifting Tool, continue to pull the eyelashes individually and vertically upwards and then fix them. Apply glue again and then separate the lashes with the comb. Correct them if necessary.
    - Comb through, and then, using the flat side of the comb, press back onto the Silicone Pad.

    Step 4 - Step 1 Lashlift Lotion
    - Apply Step 1 Lotion evenly with the Applicator, from the lash line up to the middle. Be sure to leave out the lash tips.
    - Let the lotion act for 10 minutes.
    - Remove the lotion thoroughly and dry with a cotton swab.

    Step 5 - Step 2 Lashlift Lotion
    - Apply Step 2 Lotion evenly with the Applicator, from the lash line up to the middle. Be sure to leave out the lash tips.
    - Leave the Step 2 Lotion on for 10 minutes.
    - Remove the lotion thoroughly and dry with a cotton swab.

    Extra Tint Tipp - Tint your eyelashes
    Now you can also dye with the fleeky Tint Kit.
    - Mix in a pea-sized amount of black or blue black with the same amount of Creme Oxidant.
    - Mix the 2 components into a homogeneous paste and apply it evenly to the upper lashes.
    - Leave on for 3 minutes and remove the color with dampened cotton wool pads.

    Step 6 - Remove the Silicone Pads
    - Detach the eyelashes from the Silicone Pad by removing the glue with moistened cotton pads.
    - Carefully remove the Silicone Pad.
    - Remove glue residues from the eyelids with moistened cotton pads.
    - Comb through eyelashes with the Lash Brush.

  • A lash lift is totally painless!
    When the silicone pads are placed on your eyelids, it may feel a bit strange, but only for a short moment. In most cases a Lashlift is rather relaxing!

  • The lash lift is super safe if all steps are followed according the treatment procedure. Take your time, concentrate, and have a lot of fun. Should any product get into your eyes, rinse them out immediately and consult a doctor if necessary.

  • In the first 24 hours after the lash lift, contact with water or steam should be avoided. Make-up should also be avoided during this time. Otherwise no restrictions are necessary.

  • Use our Lash & Brow Booster for perfect care at home.

  • Yes, mascara can be applied 24 hours after use. The mascara enhances the lash lift effect.

  • More vigorous cleaning with oil-based cleansers will reduce durability.

  • Yes, but not until 24 hours after the treatment. Until then, you should avoid contact with water.

  • In most cases a lash lift is also suitable for short lashes. If they are so short that you cannot apply a silicone pad, we recommend that you first use our fleeky Growth Serum.

  • The lash lift done without dyeing may even be gentler than the daily use of mascara. Ultimately, you would have to weigh it for yourself, as there have been no scientific studies done on it, especially since testing is rarely done on pregnant women.

  • Yes! This annoying problem can be completely eliminated with a lash lift. After your lash lifting, your eyelashes will be evenly lifted and raised.

  • A lash lifting is not suitable for you if you have chronically dry eyes, conjunctivitis, an active eye infection of any kind, trichotillomania, have recently had chemotherapy (please wait at least one year after your last treatment), if you have damaged eyelashes, or have gaps in your eyelashes (this treatment would only accentuate the gaps).