Magic Lashes How-To

Our recommendation - Video & FAQ's for your perfect result!

Our request to you

Read the instructions carefully and watch our video!

For a successful application, we strongly recommend that you follow the instructions and steps in the video. To avoid possible mistakes and to make sure your application works smoothly, please check out our FAQ section below. For first-time users, we recommend that you follow the video tutorial.

Step 1

Shape it & Glue time

Hold the lash band to the eye and trim the outer end if needed so that they are flush with the end of the eye. Apply eyelash glue to the lash band and let the glue dry for 15-30 seconds.

Step 2


Apply the lashes from above as close as possible to your own lash line. The position can still be corrected after application with the help of the Lash Helper.

Step 3

Get ready!

If necessary, you can coat your lashes with a little glue at the base and fix them with the Lash Helper. For the perfect look, we recommend drawing an eyeliner under the lashes.

Magic Lashes Babe

Magic Lashes Babe

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The lashes are too long for my eye, what can I do?

Before gluing on the lashes, you should check whether your lash band is suitable for your lash line. Often you have to shorten the lash band, here it is important to cut from behind and not from the front.

How can I be sure that I place and glue the lash perfectly?

Our Helper tool is perfect for this, as you will then have a clear view and can see exactly where you are applying your lashes. Start in the middle, then stick on the front and finally the back of your lashes.

First lashes, or first song shadow?

There are certainly different opinions on this question. However, we recommend gluing the lashes as the last step to have enough space when blending with the brush.

Do I need mascara when I wear your Magic Lashes?

Our Magic Lashes can enhance your makeup look and change your eye without the need to apply mascara. However, we recommend it for light own lashes so that they blend with the bottles. Some also like to apply additional mascara to the false lashes, but we don't do it that way.

Can I use your Magic Lashes more than once?

Of course! With good cleaning and storage, our Magic Lashes can be worn up to 20 times. Just always remove the old glue and song shadow with a little micellar water or warm water and put the lashes back in our box.

I wear contact lenses, can I still use your Magic Lashes?

Sure. False lashes are applied just above the upper lash line and will not interfere with your contact lenses. It's best to put your contacts in before applying your lashes to avoid unnecessary pulling or tugging on the lash.

Can I go to sleep with my eyelashes on?

It is certainly possible, but we would definitely not recommend it, as removing makeup is very important, firstly to protect your eyes and skin, but also to protect the Magic Lashes, as they can be bent by sleeping and thus not last as long.