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fleeky Team
fleeky Team

You are unique!

Why the individuality of each person is so important to us

Different backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and personalities make each person unique. The goal is to recognize, nurture, and utilize strengths. Working together instead of against each other. This creates a fantastic and diverse team where each individual plays an important role in creating something great together.

Why it's so great to work at fleeky.

We believe that everyone should feel good about what they do. We accept people as they are and want to help them unleash their true selves. This means considering individual needs and creating spaces for creativity. Because fun and passion at work are the key to achieving great results.

Lashlift Behandlung Live
Lashlift Behandlung Live

What it means to work at fleeky.

In a constantly changing world, it's not always easy to find where you belong. We create that space by constantly evaluating, questioning, repositioning, and optimizing. What's good today might look entirely different tomorrow. We go with the flow and strive to find the best way in every aspect.