Plump Lips - The top tricks for plump lips

Whether full lips are really the symbol of femininity, remains to be seen. Sensual and above all fully trendy are plump lips in any case. We show you how to get a plump kissing mouth without injections.

Kylie Jenner has them and we want them too! No matter which It starlet we follow on social media, they all seem to share the enthusiasm for plump lips and we're on fire for this trend too. So the thought of giving your own lips more fullness by injecting them is an obvious one. But before you decide to take that step, try our Plump Lip Tips at home first.

All about Illusion

With a practiced makeup hand, you can easily create the illusion of fuller lips. We already know about contouring when it comes to sculpting our face shape and how could it be otherwise; the whole thing also works wonderfully on individual areas of our face, such as our lips. Draw your lip line with a slightly darker lip liner and blend it gently inwards. Now fill in the rest of your lips with a lighter shade. Intensify the effect by once again using the dark lip liner to shade the corners of your mouth. Again, blend the lip liner so that you have a soft gradient from the corner of your mouth to the center. The topping is a transparent gloss and et voila - pout on fleek.

Over Perfusion

Plumper lips can also be achieved in another way, namely by using substances that stimulate your lip blood circulation. Of course, the result does not last for weeks like after injections, but you can still achieve small miracles with so-called plumping glosses that contain menthol, chillies, tea tree oil or similar substances, which last the whole day. Once you've applied a plumping gloss, your lips should start to tingle slightly. Your circulation is now in full swing and small lip lines disappear in seconds due to the plumping.

Speaking of padding

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