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Step 1

Get started

Degrease the eyelid.

Step 2

Prepare it

Use the tweezers to carefully remove the stripes from the film. Wet a fingertip generously with water and run it over the sticker.

Step 3

Apply it

Close the eye and place the sticker on the upper lid crease and press lightly with the tweezers. Blot off excess water with a cotton pad or paper towel. IMPORTANT! Let the sticker dry for about 2 minutes and keep the eye closed, otherwise the sticker can stick to the upper part of the eye!
Magic Stripes

Magic Stripes

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What exactly are Magic Stripes?

Our Magic Stripes are small eyelid stickers that conceal drooping eyelids in seconds without surgery.

How do the Magic Stripes work?

The strips are moistened with water on the back and then stuck to the upper eyelid crease. The sticker thus pushes the eyelid crease upwards with every blink of the eye and thus conceals the drooping eyelids.

How long do the Magic Stripes last?

Our Magic stripes last up to 12h, if they are glued correctly, and even while sleeping!

Can the stripes be used more than once?

No. A new sticker should be used with each application.

What size is best for my eyes?

The more severe the drooping eyelids, the larger the Magic Stripes size. If you're not sure, we have an extra Mix Box with all the Stripes sizes so you can try them all and find the perfect Stripes for you!

Can I apply make up to the Magic Stripes?

The Magic Stripes should be stuck on the end over the eye shadow or other make up, otherwise they will be visible through the fine powder or similar. The Stripes adapt to any color.

The Stripes do not stick. What can I do?

The Stripes are only stickable on the smooth back side, the other side is texture (front side). Only the gel side (the side that attaches the strips to the paper) is sticky.

The Magic Stripes are sticking together on my eyelid. What can I do?

The adhesive on the back side is activated by applying the water. Since the stickers should be generously moistened with water, it is therefore very important to dab off the excess water after sticking them to the eyelid with a tissue or similar (Not with your finger!), dry for at least 2 minutes, and keep your eyes closed!
In case there are adhesive residues from applying on the eyelid, we advise you to remove the sticker, clean the eyelid once with water, dry it and use a new sticker.

The strips come off very quickly or do not stick properly. What can I do?

The strips need to be moistened very well to make them stick properly.
Also note that only the smooth back side is stickable!

    The Magic Stripes peel off at the outer ends, do I have to remove the stickers and use new ones?

    If a sticker should peel off easily at the ends, it was just not moistened and/or pressed on well enough during application. It is best to use the included tweezers, moisten them slightly at the tip, then apply the water again under the sticker and press it lightly with the tweezers. Allow to dry briefly and you're done.