Tan Drops How-to

Our recommendation - Video & FAQ's for your perfect result!

Our request to you

Read the instructions carefully and watch our video!

For a successful application, we strongly recommend that you follow the instructions and steps in the video. To avoid possible mistakes and to make sure your application works smoothly, please check out our FAQ section below. For first-time users, we recommend that you follow the video tutorial.

Step 1

Clean it!

Good preparation is like the holy grail of self-tanning. The short version is: clean - peel - and dry your skin.

Step 2

Mix drops

Face: Mix 2-4 drops into the moisturizer, serum or nourishing oil. Body: Mix 4-6 drops into the body lotion or nourishing oil.

Extra: Mix 10 drops per 50 ml for a more intense color result.

Step 3

Apply it!

Apply the mixed cream evenly to the face, décolleté area or body as usual. Wash hands thoroughly after application.

Tan Drops

Tan Drops

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Tan Drops vs. Self Tan Mousses - What's the difference?

With fleeky's Tan Drops, you gradually build up to a medium to full shade from application to application, while with our Self Tan Mousse, you get an instant, full-strength result.

When will I see the first results and how long will they last?

After application, your golden glow will develop within the next 2 - 6 hours and last 3 - 4 days with a single application. Use your Tan Drops regularly to deepen and prolong your results.

How often can I use the Tan Drops?

Thanks to 100% natural ingredients and easy-building tan, you can use our Tan Drops daily.

I've heard that self-tanners stink. Is that true?

Some do - But not the ones from fleeky. Instead of the usual self tanner smell, our self tanning products smell pleasantly fresh.

Do you use formaldehyde in your products?

No. Our self tanning products are free of formaldehyde and contain only natural ingredients.

Do I really need to exfoliate my skin every time?

We would love to accompany our answer with dramatic music - to make it even more memorable. Technically not possible, we still answer your question with a resounding YES! Only with well-prepared skin and prior peeling will you achieve an even, streak-free tan.

When can I go back to normal showering with soap?

Try not to take a shower for the next 24 hours after you have rinsed off the self-tanner. After that, you can jump back in the shower as usual.

Will self-tanned skin protect me from UV rays?

No. Please continue to use your sun protection factor as usual.

I want to do sports. Will the tan smudge when I sweat?

Don't worry. After the application time is over and you have thoroughly rinsed off your self-tanner, there is nothing left to smudge or rub off.

Can I use the fleeky Self Tan products even if I have neurodermatitis?

You can use our Self Tan products even if you have neurodermatitis. However, make sure that you use our self-tanning products with extra moisture. A good choice is fleeky Self Tan Mousse Coconut Water.