Bye bye self tanner

Remove Self Tan residues perfectly

Step 1

Apply it!

Apply the Eraser to dry skin no earlier than 3 days after using the self-tanner. Spread the foam evenly with our bye bye Tan Mitt, using circular movements.

Step 2

Let it act & remove

Leave on for 5 minutes and then shower off with warm water. You can additionally use a washcloth to remove all residues.

Tan Eraser Mousse

Tan Eraser Mousse

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When can I use the Tan Eraser?

You can use the Eraser 3 days after your Tan application to remove remnants.

What is the best way to use Tan Eraser?

It is best to use a washcloth or our bye bye Tan Mitt, in combination with the Eraser, to remove all residues.

Is the Tan Eraser only for removing self-tanner?

If you use self-tanner regularly, the Eraser is not only for removing it, but also for preparing your skin for your next tan.