Bye bye self tanner

Our recommendation - Video & FAQ's for your perfect result!

Our request to you

Read the instructions carefully and watch our video!

For a successful application, we strongly recommend that you follow the instructions and steps in the video. To avoid possible mistakes and to make sure your application works smoothly, please check out our FAQ section below. For first-time users, we recommend that you follow the video tutorial.

Step 1

Apply it!

Apply the Eraser to dry skin no earlier than 3 days after using the self-tanner. Spread the foam evenly with our bye bye Tan Mitt, using circular movements.

Step 2

Let it act & remove

Leave on for 5 minutes and then shower off with warm water. You can additionally use a washcloth to remove all residues.

Tan Eraser Mousse

Tan Eraser Mousse

€99,50 / l



When can I use the Tan Eraser?

You can use the Eraser 3 days after your Tan application to remove remnants.

What is the best way to use Tan Eraser?

It is best to use a washcloth or our bye bye Tan Mitt, in combination with the Eraser, to remove all residues.

Is the Tan Eraser only for removing self-tanner?

If you use self-tanner regularly, the Eraser is not only for removing it, but also for preparing your skin for your next tan.