The perfect shape

The era of thin eyebrows ended a long time ago - these days, it's all about big, bushy brows.

So give your tweezers a break and give your brows time to grow. Now we just need to figure out what shape flatters your face. Just like with hairstyles, certain shapes are better suited for certain facial structures. But how do we know whether we should aim for a sharp arch, a gentle curve, or rather a straighter structure?

We've researched this science and compiled the most important facts for you.

Step 2 – Mix it, Baby

Mix BrowHenna color

Use the pipette to pour approx. 0.25 g of fleeky Browhenna colour powder into a small bowl.

Take the fleeky Browhenna colour powder with the measuring spoon and add it to the hot water. Using the paint brush or a mini hand mixer (if available), mix until all the colour beads have dissolved in the water.