All lights on me - But only with the right sun protection factor

Did you know that sunscreen doesn't just protect you from a nasty sunburn? We'll tell you why daily sun protection is essential and show you how to protect your skin from sun damage.

Cue sun damage - If you think sunburn is the only consequence, you're sadly mistaken. UV and UVB rays are a real booster for the aging of your skin. Let me tell you dear: without sufficient sun protection factor, even the best wrinkle cream in the world is no good. Not only wrinkles are the result of a lack of sun protection, but also stubborn pigment spots and permanently rough skin are among the most common, permanent skin damage. That's why a suitable sunscreen is essential for both the lighter and darker skin types among us.

But what exactly is a suitable sunscreen? Basically, with SPF20 you are well prepared for everyday life. If you plan to spend longer periods of time in the sun, if you are a very fair skin type or if you are a dark skin type and tend to pigment spots very quickly, by all means reach for a higher sun protection and don't be afraid of SPF50. For a long time, creams with SPF 50 had a texture that left a sticky, greasy film on the skin - but those days are over. Nowadays, even a strong sunscreen can be applied like a body milk and absorbs just as quickly. If you are still looking for a light texture with a high protection factor, you will quickly find it in Korean skin care.

The sun protection factor is especially important if you have previously irritated your skin with chemical or manual peels. Even if you've just waxed your legs or brows with our fleeky waxing kit, we recommend a high sun protection.