Long lashes and full brows - Why a serum is the solution.

Okay Granted - our cosmetic bags are full and our evening routines are long. But when a serum promises us lashes and brows on fleek, we're happy to make new room and take an extra two minutes in the evening. We'll tell you what serums for brows and lashes are all about.

Both eyelashes and eyebrows grow a lot slower than the rest of our body hair and after 4-6 weeks, they just fall out. Of course, our hairs are constantly renewed, which is why we are never without eyebrows or eyelashes, but basically we lose about five eyelashes a day. Either because they have reached the end of the growth cycle or they simply break off.

Serums for thick eyebrows and long eyelashes are actually more than mumbo jumbo from the marketing department, because with their nourishing ingredients they ensure on the one hand that the hairs are supple enough to no longer break and on the other hand extend the growth cycle. Through a good eyelash serum, the hair root can anchor firmly and your lash line gets a fullness that would not be possible without serum. The same game with your brows. An eyebrow serum gives the individual hairs the strength to hold on beyond the growth cycle and thus thickens your brows. This effect can even be enhanced. With a Needle Skin Roller, you create microscopic channels in your skin so the serum can penetrate even deeper into the skin under your brows for its full effect.

So girls, make room in your beauty bag and get the fleeky Lash&Brow Booster. Here you not only get eyebrow and lash serum in one product, but also the fleeky Needle Skin Roller for a stunning result.