Call me a selfmade queen - How to easily make your own vitamin C booster.

Serums and skin boosters are a pretty expensive affair, right? What a luck that Do it yourself is still fully on fleek and we show you how you can make your own skinbooster with very simple means.

Vitamin C is an absolute all-rounder in skin care. It protects against free radicals, can counteract skin discoloration and fights visible signs of aging. In addition, vitamin C helps to retain moisture in your skin and therefore has a plumping effect. Do we need any more arguments to incorporate this sweetie into our beauty routine? - Actually, no. We still have one: a vitamin C serum with all its benefits, is easy to make yourself from just three ingredients. The magic words are:

  • Vitamin C powder from the drugstore (Also known as L-ascorbic acid).
  • Distilled water
  • Glycerine from the drugstore

Thats it! Now all you need is a tinted container with an eyedropper to protect your miracle product from bacteria and sunlight, and you're ready to get mixing. For our mixing ratio, 1 part is one teaspoon, 2 parts is two teaspoons, and so on. Now fill your pipette bottle with:

  • 1 packet part vitamin C powder
  • 2 parts gycerin
  • 8 parts distilled water

If you prefer it a bit thicker, you can use only 4 parts water instead of the 8 parts water and use an aloe vera gel for the remaining 4 parts. Homemade in this case means without preservatives. So it's best to put your wonder weapon in the fridge after use and mix up a new serum once a week. In our Good Morning Girl blog article, we show you how to easily incorporate your skin booster into your morning routine. And in our lifestyle blog we give you all the info and tips on how to bring out the best in yourself with fleeky.