Good Morning Girl - Your morning beauty routine

Keeping track - Not so easy when you look at the variety of skin care products. But skin care can be so simple. We show you the 5 basic steps for your beauty routine in the morning, so that your skin shines as it deserves.

A good cleanser is worth its weight in gold and saves valuable time, because in the best case it not only cleanses your face in one pass, but also moisturizes your skin at the same time. Cleansing milk usually dissolves makeup residues and skin flakes a little more gently than foaming cleansers. To prevent your skin from drying out with the foaming version, make sure you choose ingredients like aloe vera and avoid alcohols.

Now let's get that glow just right. To boost your skin, you need to protect it from the negative effects caused by pollution. This sounds more elaborate than it is. A simple antioxidant will get your skin through the day safely and can help you repair damage already done, such as pigmentation spots. Vitamin C is not only a fantastic antioxidant but also a booster for plump, firm skin. We'll show you how to easily make such a booster yourself to use in your morning routine in our article Call me a Selfmade-Queen.

Last but not least, you kill 2 birds with one stone. We all know how important a good sun protection is. To avoid having to apply SPF in addition to your moisturizer, it's best to reach for a facial sunscreen that already has moisturizing ingredients in it and finish off your skincare routine with that.

As promised - a simple beauty routine with great effect. But we still have a little tip for you: If your eyebrows are freshly plucked or you've had a Browhenna treatment before, then your brows could use an extra dose of care. Our fleeky BrowOil comes with 100% natural ingredients and gives your brows the nutrients they deserve. With fleeky, skin care becomes a breeze.